By yasminelainewaring

Yasmin Elaine Waring was a San Diego Fellow in English-American Literature at the University of California at San Diego. With a law degree and advertising portfolio, she has promoted and protected a diverse clientele. Her poems and law review articles have appeared in various publications. She is working on a book of poetry (square)rooted in fundamental scientific theories called THE GALILEO POEMS. She lives in Chicago.


spied you thrU my sitemeether lense bi  nary bi noculars measure, for measure the traffic at my door all the way from Arroyo Grande C A looking for words you were to make her see fireworks in the sky of your fly on the Fourth of July jenny, jenny I’ve got your (ISP) number no area code necessary these digits do the trick you sought the Gee-Wiz! for “poems to make her wet” followed the yellowed—–stitched seams & found yourself a home inside her \back pocket/ fingers spiral round the circumference of denim clad spheres eschewing independence that bright night…