SEPTEMBER 19, 2005

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Dear reader,

This is just a small note to inform you of a number of significant changes our little writing project will be experiencing in the next issue (Oct 3rd). First, traffic has been steadily improving and we are now at a stage (especially considering that summer has just ended) where a good comfort level for a daily post has been reached.

Furthermore, the SCQ has begged, pleaded, and whined itself into some minor funding that allows it to begin operating using "php via tweaking of a WordPress template." Essentially, this is something that means nothing to most people, but for some, it might actually instill tingles. However, the site will look pretty much the same except that instead of highlighting ten new pieces every two weeks, we will have a new piece every weekday (or at least try to). The sidebars under this new schematic will be filled with info concerning a number of clear categories that have evolved over the previous two issues, as well as the usual links to our submissions, masthead, etc. Sidebars will also be a place to highlight contests, events, etc.

"Events?" you say, "You will have events?"

Well, in a manner of speaking - sort of. Here, we will allude to things likely associated with the University of British Columbia (generally) and with a partner project called "Terry" (specifically). This is a wondrous project that aims to look at the arts/science interplay for topics concerned with pertinent global issues . More on this later, but it happens to be something of significant note, in terms of both interested partners and the type of folks associated with it. This was also why we haven't seen much of our exotic sounding Azar, but make no mistake, she has been very very busy.

Also, the prospect of a print version for the SCQ is now a reality, but considering our nomenclature history ("we're a quarterly, no a fortnightly, wait a minute, now we're a daily"), it seems only fitting that the print SCQ should be an annual. Timing for this will occur in late March/April, since that happens to be the end of most everyone's fiscal year. The model is that with repeated begging, pleading, and whining, we should be able to secure a reasonable pot of gold that may be a little or may be a lot. In any event, this seems to be a perfect excuse to explore the release of what could be an nice exercise in book design. Sadly, because of this, the pdf version will be no longer offered.

Make no mistake that our overall intentions are still the same. The bottom line is still concerning an avenue to get people to talk about science, and doing this by using the medium of science writing in any and all connotations. Also, it should be made clear that from a financial perspective, there is no bottom line in that this is all done in a non-profit, no business plan, fly by the seat of our pants manner.

Comments would be appreciated, but for those of you who are local (i.e. in Vancouver), drinks would be better.

Alright back to the grind.

Members of our loosely formed masthead are shown on the sidebars. Some of them have done much, whilst some have done maybe less. Nevertheless, tis all appreciated (and in an ironic stroke of luck, those who have done less are still eligible for the iPod). Like science in general, we like to think that the SCQ strives to follow the most altruistic pathway to collaboration.

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