SEPTEMBER 19, 2005

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For the sake of flexibility, what The Science Creative Quarterly is all about is up for discussion. And hopefully will merit some notice in the future.

However, what we can comment on are a few pertinent details of interest:

(1) The Science Creative Quarterly is not technically a 'quarterly,' but is rather a 'fortnightly' (new material is presented every two weeks). That's why you see it offered as a web publication of one of six parts.

Why it has ended up this way is a bit complicated and has much to do with word preferences and journalistic desires for deadlines. We are also optimistic that the quarterly format can be offered as a print edition one day.

(2) The Science Creative Quarterly will be promoted by our strictly educational sister site This site is recieving just about 2 million hits a month, which equates to a readership of about 70,000 unique visitors. We hope that many of those readers have an interest in seeing science literature presented in a myriad of ways, and some may even decide to participate.

(3) You may also notice that there are two columns denoted by "left" and "right" status. Essentially, articles of news/educational nature will tend to be those found on the "left," whereas those of the creative nature will be exhibited on the "right." Yes, we know it is gimmicky, but even you must know that sometimes science is very much a PR exercise, no?

(4) Did we mention that we thrive on word of mouth?

Beyond that, the intro piece will do nicely as a description for now.


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