SEPTEMBER 19, 2005

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Winners of the iPod contest to be announced in the next issue.

Also, now you can win a really (really) big book.
<details here>

Our masthead, we think, will be forever evolving, although at present we have two Daves, a Bethany, a Caitlin, a Stephen, a Claire, a Russell, an Alex, a Justin, an Andrew and a Caley.

Tom, Moebius and Richard continue to be happy to help.

Maybe Willow?

We did follow up on Chris and his friends, and for now, we know that Chris is on board.

Isn't Jen really good at drawing pictures?

Our exotic sounding Azar is sort of still with us, but involved with a different project that will likely have an affiliation with the SCQ later this summer.

Looks like fancy titles will appear once the second issue comes out (we promise).

Again, we would like a few more regulars, and in particular could do with more individuals who know their physics or mathematics. While we at it, a philosopher and a historian would really round up the Superfriends feel.

We would also like a few more who really have no formal background in science, because we think they will have especially important, biting, funny or surreal things to say. Perspective is always good right?

(for the sake of our iPod contest, let's say that those who have not participated in the editing process are still eligible).

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