SEPTEMBER 19, 2005

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Winners of the iPod contest to be announced in the next issue.

Also, now you can win a really (really) big book.
<details here>

Anything will do, but if you like more direction, we are happy to look at:

Things with some link (however weak) to science.

Things in English.
Things in other languages that are more or less readable when translated with Google tools.

Things with many words.
Things with few words.
Things with pictures.

Things that are news worthy.
Things that are not terribly so.

Things that educate.
Things that entertain.
Things that both educate and entertain.

Things that are important to ones well being, or perhaps to the global community at large.
Things that (at the end of the day) are really only there for the sake of being there.

Things from famous people who think that this is a pretty neat thing going on here.
Things from infamous people - they're interesting too.
Things from everyone else.

And things whose copyright ultimately remain with the author, although it would be nice to be acknowledged as being involved in presenting it to others.

Submissions are preferred as attached word documents, or text pasted directly into the body of the email. Please send us your good work to

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