AUGUST 22, 2005

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By Angela Genusa


"The only depressing thing is that the representation is very small."
Christian Kell at the University of Frankfurt in Germany, on where the penis is represented on the brain's map of body parts. (New Scientist)

"Having a distinctive dog [an afghan] means that if we'd [ended up with] a dachshund we'd know that something funny had happened."
Gerald Schatten at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, one of the researchers who worked on a project that produced the world's first cloned dog. (New Scientist)

"As far as I know, no other species has been observed [sexually] sampling nearly as many candidates as the California fiddler crab."
Catherine deRivera at the University of California in San Diego, on how the Californian fiddler crab females often check out more than 100 males even inspecting their bachelor pads before selecting their mate. (

"We're not talking about flatulence."
University of California researcher Frank Mitloehner, whose research on cow emissions has been dismissed as "fart science." a label he says doesn't do justice to the seriousness of his work. (Washington Post)

"Then you add in (that) you got sick on strawberry ice cream. You want them to think about the getting sick aspect of the experience."
Professor Elizabeth Loftus, at the University of California Irvine, lead author of a study that shows that fabricated memories might aid weight loss. (


Sperm-free sex keeps hens happily faithful

Drinking improves thinking

'Worthless' gifts get the good girls

Sunscreen has gone on sale for dogs

Smoking linked to fiery kids

Angela Genusa is a writer, poet and artist whose work has been published online at McSweeneys, Yankee Pot Roast, Opium Magazine, The Black Table, and many places in print. Her father is a physicist and her mother, a chemistry major. She thinks Steve Martin solved all of the mysteries of the universe when he wrote about "Schrödinger's Cat," "Wittgenstein's Banana," "Apollo's Non-Apple Non-Strudel," and "Chef Boyardee's Bungee Cord" (which begins, "A bungee cord is hooked at one end to a neutrino, while the other end is hooked to a vibraphone..."). 

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