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By Caitlin Dowling


"If you're with a phone company and you know they're not an ideal match, you're going to look for someone who is. It's a very similar situation."
Richard Ecob, who has adapted a system for modelling atoms in radioactive decay to investigate how we look for partners. (BBC News)

"The frog's distinctive Norfolk accent, the buried remains and genetic studies all provided crucial clues."
A frog with a regional accent is being re-introduced to England. (BBC)

"Clearly we need to capture that lightning in a bottle."
Dmitri Williams, whose research finds no connection between violent video games and violent behaviour. He now wants to harness the skills involved in video gaming for use in management and problem solving jobs. That time with the PS2 clearly wasn't a waste (EurekAlert)

Save the banana! Apparently, the north American favourite, the Cavendish, is becoming extinct due to a fungus. Banana growers in Central America are "trying to create a replacement that looks and tastes so similar to the Cavendish that consumers won't notice the difference." But we'll still know it's different. (New York Times)


The Unbearable Lightness of Flying - Guardian

We knew it! Why some erotic images could in fact make you blind - New Scientist

Will cheetahs and elephants roam North America? – Globe and Mail

New Lemurs found in Madegascar – BBC

Caitlin Dowling's mission is to reach Mars. If this doesn't work out, Seattle will more than do. While waiting for news on her impending travel, she'd really like to compile data for a science website and maybe even post an article or two.

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