Untitled (ice cap)

If you went to a polar ice cap
as an explorer or whatever
and found a woman encased in ice
looking up, mouth open, yellow robe
maybe she even has a shield
would you, tired and itchy,
think of her as an Ideal,
fall to fighting your companions
to the death over the hard
cool promise of fidelity,
or, sticking to your guns,
circle the ice shard
watch her staid lips
and say it’s only science?

Untitled (humans)

When humans are
a simple glance
in a museum
they shine

Untitled (whalebone)

Slices of whalebone
gently then tightly
wrapped around ladies
in Queen Anne’s day

straightening the spine
to a certain kind of laughter
released to the cooing
of men out of the rain

men who just ducked
out from under
closing umbrellas
of sinister intent

their struts also whale bone
man-eating instincts
grabbing at the waists
and necks of the time

(Originally published on October 11th, 2005)