This is an image file databank for most of our textbook related resources. Look for the image file name in the textbook piece below to see if a high res version exists.

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*depending on computer and browser used, downloading the file may cause the occurence of additional suffixes. Rename downloaded file to only the “.ai” suffix for Illustrator files, “.jpg” for JPEG files, and “.psd” for Photoshop files. Only Illustrator files are vector images.

In Alphabetical Order (Artist in Brackets)

– A –

agrobacteria (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
amyloidolddeposition (Jen Philpott/JPEG)
amyloidoldimportance (Jen Philpott/JPEG)
antibispread (Jen Philpott/GIF)
antibiotrest (Jen Philpott/GIF)
applications (Jiang Long/Illustrator)

– B –

beerwinechamber (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
beerwinegraph (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
biodiversity (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
biotechdiagram (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
boneabsorption (Jen Philpott/GIF)
bonestructure (Jen Philpott/JPEG)

– C –

cationicpeptides (Jen Philpott/GIF)
cDNA-array (Jiang Long/Photoshop)
cellcycle (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
celldifferentiation (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
cellmarker (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
cellmitosis (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
cellsurfaceR (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
cellsurfaceRenzyme (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
cellsurfaceRgprotein (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
cellsurfaceRion (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
cellwall (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
chimeric mouse (Fan Sozzi/Illustrator)
chloroplast (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
chromo_condense (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
computer (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
confocal (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
confocal1 (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
confocal2 (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
cytokinesis (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
cytometrysimplify (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
cytometrydata (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
cytometrygraph (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
crefunction (Jane Wang/Ilustrator)
crelloxmousefeeding (Jane Wang/Ilustrator)
crelloxsystem (Jane Wang/Ilustrator)

– D –

data (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
dna (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
DNAfingerprintfamily (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
DNAfingerprintassault (Jane Wang/Illustrator)

– E –

endonuclease-2 (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
eukaryotic-expressions-arra (Jiang Long/JPEG)

– F –

flowcytometry (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
fly (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
foodweb (Jiang Long/Illustrator)

– G –

GeneChip (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
GMcrop (Jiang Long/Photoshop)
gpbinding (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
gproteinstructure (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
gpsignaling (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
GM crop.psd (Jiang Long/Photoshop)

– H –

hybridbreeding (Jiang Long/Illustrator)

– I –

IAPP (Jen Philpott/JPEG)

– M –

massspectrometer (Jiang Long/GIF)
mendel (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
microbminingbioleach (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
microbminingstirtank (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
modified-receptor (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
molecular machine (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
mucosalimmunitybody (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
mucosalimmunityIgA (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
mucosalimmunityIgG (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
mucosalimmunitymouse (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
mutation (Jiang Long/Illustrator)

– N –

neoformans (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
neoformans2 (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
normaltranscription (Jiang Long/Illustrator)

– O –

oncogeneformation (Jiang Long/Gif)

– P –

peptidoglycan (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
PET-schematic (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
pharming1 (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
pharming2 (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
plantcellculture (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
plantcrossection (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
plantroots (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
prenatalGD (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
prenatalGD2 (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
plasmid construction (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
plasmid2-text (Jen Philpot/Illustrator)
plasmids (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
phosphocascades (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
phosphoConformationchange (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
phosphopathway (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
pronuclear microinjection (Fan Sozzi/Illustrator)
proteinkinase (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
proteinsynthesis (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
proteomics (Jiang Long/Illustrator)

– S –

SAGE3b (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
simplegene (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
systemsbiology.jpg (Jen Philpot/JPEG)

– T –

transfection (Jiang Long/Illustrator)
transgeniccrop (Jane Wang/Illustrator)
translation (Jane Wang/Illustrator)

– W –

wheel (Jiang Long/Illustrator)

– Y –

yeasttwohybrid (Jiang Long/Illustrator)