Human Leader of Canada

To the Human Leader of Canada,

Greetings from all Woodpeckers. We send this letter as a warning, but also as a letter heralding the beginning of a possible alliance. Our outpost on Pender Island, off the West coast of your country called Canada, as well as our other major outposts around the world is aware that your tree-cutting and dwelling-building machines are hard at work destroying the trees, polluting the air, and polluting the water. Things like this are necessary for expanding our outpost and protecting the Rat and Bat Kingdoms that rely so heavily on us. You are destroying us!

We have an offer to make, and there will be consequences for not accepting. Decline, and we send in our already mobilized forces for all-out war. Accept, and we will pull our forces back. The deal is very simple: stop destroying our homes and you survive. Or, you can continue destroying us and be destroyed yourself. It is your choice.

Do not underestimate our power. We know where all your forces are, and we know they are completely unprepared. Can the same be said for you? No, we don’t think so. We have the tactical advantage because you don’t know anything about us.

This letter has been sent by the leader of all Woodpeckers around the world on behalf of all Woodpeckers, in hopes that we can someday form an alliance.


– Classified Name –
Forests of Pender Island

P.S. All the human information in this letter has been gathered by our spies. Many Woodpecker spies died to bring us this crucial data.

– – –

This piece was composed during the May 9th session of the Science Creative Literacy Symposia. During this day, students from Admiral Seymour Elementary School were guided through the construction of three aquatic biospheres, and were then asked to compose a letter from something or someone that is “voiceless”, but might nevertheless have something to say. More pieces from this class can be seen here.