This collective story beginning was written during a weeklong science and creative writing camp at the University of British Columbia. For more of the students’ work, please click here. To read their endings do click here and scroll down a bit.

– – –

Once there was a white blood cell, a special white blood cell, who was special because he was a giant white blood cell. And because he was so big, he could eat pickles, he played midfield for Manchester United, and he loved to help people. His name was Baldie Duval.

He lived in a forest in Quebec City, but he always wanted to live in Dave’s body. That was because he can shrink and fly so that he can help people who were sick.

He lived in a forest, because it was a good place to hide. He was scared that because he was so big, Dave would run away if he ever saw him. The reason why he would be so big (and not shrink) is because the Sasquatch keeps giving him pickles which made him not able to shrink.

One day Dave came to the forest because he was camping, and because he had read somewhere that players from Manchester United played there.

When he entered the forest…