By Adriana Jones

Adriana Jones is a writer and performer based in Vancouver, BC and an MFA candidate in the Creative Writing program at UBC. She primarily writes sad comedies for stage and screen including the independent short films Introvert's Guide to Activism (Nominee for Best Ensemble and Best Narrative Comedy at Revolution Me Film Festival, Nominee for Best Comedy at Westfield Film Festival.) To learn more, visit her website at and if you enjoy extremely sporadic social media updates, you can follow her on Instagram at @adriana.k.jones

My Apologies for Predicting Our Current Dystopia

Dear Thesis Committee Members, Thank you for your feedback on my latest draft. I was a little confused by your criticism that my dystopian sci-fi screenplay read as too accurate and the subsequent questions insinuating my possible membership in a clandestine deep state conspiracy. When I started writing a satire of late-stage capitalism involving a global pandemic, it was with the honest intention of crafting a creative piece. I did not have insider information (no, I am not a secret epidemiologist), and I did not have a pipeline of information from any corporation that would benefit from our current crisis.…