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Stanton Nelson is a self-employed editor in Corvallis, Oregon. Plug: his website is

A. Pastafarian wishes to remain Anonymous. More pictures from the museum can be found in this FSM Flickr set.

Andrew Hookway is a Professional and Technical Communications student at SUNY Institute of Technology. He is the Chief Writer for the school publication, the Factory Times. When not drowning in school work, Andrew can be found writing screenplays for films, filming scenes for films, or editing... films... for films. He also has an unhealthy affinity for Star Wars. Andrew's accumulated works, ranging from good to bad to "shouldn't see the light of day", can be found here.

T. Brian Evans is currently an avionics technician involved in testing, troubleshooting, and repair of business jet avionics. He also trains others for those tasks. Fly commercial as I have nothing to do with that segment of the industry.

Sherry McCoy, A.S., B.S., B.M.E., American Mensa, is studying computer science at IPFW and resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her two scientific -minded offspring.

Quentin Cobb obtained his Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Nottingham in 1982. Since immigrating to Canada in the same year he has worked in various Information Technology positions in the energy industry. He lives in Alberta and keeps his neck in the shade at all times.


Beginning next week, the SCQ will present (in no particular order) an “appendix” of FSM pieces that have been chosen as finalists in the Ramen contest. The winner will be announced as soon as Bobby gets back to us, from his busy busy schedule promoting his book. – – – SIGHTING #1. Yes, FSM appeared unto my living room wall late one afternoon, obviously sending the canaries (lower left) into a paroxysm of rapture! Also take note of the plant bowing in reverence or lack of watering – Stanton. – – – SIGHTING #2. The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion has…