By Alan Washburn

Alan Washburn is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Operations Research at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. His education is in Electrical Engineering at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, and his work in OR has retained an engineering slant. His interests are broad, including stochastic models, optimization, search theory, game theory, and decision aids, particularly with applications to Anti-submarine Warfare. His publications include two books, one on search theory and one on two-person zero-sum games. He has served as department chair, and has also been the military area editor for the Operations Research journal. A complete vitae is available here.


ABSTRACT: Surveys usually confirm the popular notion that men have more sex than women. This paper proves the opposite, at least if the measure is taken to be the average number of unique partners of the opposite sex over a lifetime. The reason for this is basically that more men are born than women, and both sexes share the same sexual encounters. The paper also includes some speculation about why it should be that so many people believe something that can’t be true. KEYWORDS: Median, Mean, Census – – – 1. BACKGROUND. One June 28, 2007, Fryar, et. al. released…