By alexanderrose

Alex Rose is writer and filmmaker based in New York City. His fiction and essays have appeared in McSweeney's, North American Review, DIAGRAM, The Forward, The Smirking Chimp, and The Providence Journal; his short films and animations have played on HBO, ShowTime, Comedy Central and the BBC.


(This piece is an attempt at plotting out the classic Ibsen play as if it were a science experiment – wiki links to Henrik Ibsen and the play itself) ABSTRACT: In contrast to previous studies conducted in recent years on the causal relationship between narcissism and self-destruction (A. Strindberg, H. Ibsen, A.Chekov), we have sought to produce a linear-time chart allowing for the groundwork of a general model. By subjecting several axioms to a sequence of increasingly complex control variables, we find latent inconsistencies inherent in the initial equation, resulting in a paradox. SUBJECT HEADINGS: Time, Fate, Will, Greed, Destiny,…