By Benjamin Langer

Benjamin Langer is a mellow guy who really does believe that we can solve our problems peacefully. This mindset may be a product of his living out in Halifax by the ocean and his involvement in philosophy, theater, and music. He is also a huge evolution nerd who hopes to be a doctor someday.


The ID debate is getting pretty trite. The only thing keeping it interesting to me is the incredible lengths that both sides will go to get their points across. Whether it’s sending free, lavish copies of an anti-evolution book to every evolutionary scientist in the western world (Harun Yahya) or inventing a the label of “bright” for you and your enlightened, like-minded friends (Richard Dawkins), the intensity of the fighting seems to be escalating. The media, our supposed source for clear thought, is acting more like a bookie at a boxing match: whoever wins, the real winner is the house.…