By benmontpetit

Ben Montpetit is currently a PhD student in the laboratory of Dr. Phil Hieter at the University of British Columbia studying the basic mechanisms of chromosome transmission in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. When away from the bench, Ben enjoys nothing more than being outdoors and reading a good book.


Scientific research is a process that requires scientists to perform, interpret, and communicate results in an unbiased manner, which excludes any thoughts of self-interest. This is the researcher’s responsibility to their peers and society at large, which is rewarded by trust and an atmosphere of freedom in research with little interfering regulation. However, cases of research fraud undermine this trust, and may lead to the institution of overbearing policies that restrict the freedom researchers have enjoyed. This scenario may be closer to reality than one would think due to a number of relatively recent and highly publicized cases of research…