By Brett Hilton

Brett Hilton is an undergraduate student in Cell Biology & Genetics and English Literature at the University of British Columbia. Having completed undergraduate research projects on the pathogeneses of neurodegenerative diseases and spinal cord injury, Brett plans on entering graduate school in September 2010 in the field of developmental neurobiology. Outside of the lab, Brett enjoys drinking inordinate amounts of coffee, smoking cigars, and going for runs (but not necessarily in that order).


On Sunday, August 2nd 2008, in Santa Cruz, California, a firebombing destroyed David Feldheim’s car. The smoke from the fire filled the first floor of his house, so he and his wife, along with their 6-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son, had to drop a ladder from the window of a second floor room to escape. Dr. Feldheim has no criminal record. He isn’t affiliated with organized crime, or even a member of some contentious political organization. Instead, the attack on he and his family was instigated because Dr. Feldheim uses mice in his research on how the brain develops. Animal…