By Charles Asbornsen

Charles Asbornsen is an application developer for a defense contractor on Fort Bragg who shall remain nameless. Not for security purposes as much as not wanting to be associated with the above contribution.


Charles admits that this is a crass ripoff of Yeat’s “Against Unworthy Praise.” He was compelled to write this, after reading “Peas in Space.“ In space, eat no peas, because Your ventilators break And oh two surely pause Being for a pea-freak’s sake. Enough the pea-paste seemed, Which did your strength renew, But dream J. Cohen dreamed Till the astronauts cried aloud, A secret of menu new, For eating above the clouds. What, still you would have their peas! And floats a nastier mess, Persists in the air for days Subjecting the crew to stress; And how what his dreaming…