By Churmy Fan

The name Churmy roughly translates as "Singing Poplar tree", which actually says a lot about her personality. You can find her singing and dancing on trees, waterfalls and telephone poles in many of her baby pictures. However, her fascination with nature really began the day she put a maple leaf up against a lamp and did a grade 10 science fair project about it. She is currently a UBC Biology undergrad.


Humans are blessed with inquisitive minds which attempt to question and logically reason all the phenomena that surround us; from the fall of an apple to the spectacular display of a Mentos in Diet Pepsi. One question, however, has puzzled every mind in history such that with each step we take towards finding an answer, we realize we are a step further from reaching it. That question, crowned “The Ultimate Question”, is What is Life? Here, I don’t mean “What is Life?” as in “What is the purpose of my existence?” Rather, I refer to the mysterious phenomenon of nature…