By ciarachamberlain

Ciara Chamberlain is a first year MSc student in the cardiovascular research laboratory at iCAPTURE. Besides curing heart disease, she teaches ballet, tap and creative movement at a local dance studio, and enjoys yoga and scrabble.


Lab rats, let’s face it. Sometimes, some of us in science sometimes sacrifice hygiene for extra time in the lab. Got a 2-hour incubation, why not go for a jog or catch a spinning class? Have to start your 12 hour ELIZA at 4:30am to make it to your 5pm seminar, why bother showering before you show up in the morning? Got soaking wet walking to the lab in the rain, why not dry out your shoes and socks on the heater? Had some funky smelling take-out 3 nights before, why not heat up the leftovers in the microwave right…