By corinnanuqui

Corinna Arcellana Nuqui has a degree in Medical Science from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, trained under Filipino pastry chefs, and is certfied by the US National Restaurant Association as a Professional Baker. Her plays and fiction have won Carlos Palanca awards, her poetry has been anthologized in collections in Manila. She once created seventeen flavor-prototypes of ice cream for Selecta-Walls in a student competition.


Dirty scents excited her, the dirtier the better. When Alice announced this to the group of sense-photographers at the meeting for the new sensate advertising campaign, they all laughed. Who could have predicted that dirty things would bring in wealth? One of the men opened an illicit capsule of blue seal cigarette scent, and knuckles cracked audibly around the room, as the men shifted in their seats, remembering the gestures of smoking, the peculiar choreography of hand to mouth arguments over lay-outs, collaterals. Half a lifetime ago, the room would have been swathed in actual tobacco smoke. As the people…