By corinnehoesli

Corinne is a PhD candidate working on producing pancreatic tissue from adult stem cells for treatment of diabetes. She's a chemical engineer that couldn't build a petrolium refiner for her life, but she'll ferment some ethanol in no time. Word has it that she also writes her own bios. To learn everything about her (in French and apart from her work), explore


A small cell, alone in the world, in the republic of cells.. The basic structure of life would not be nearly as interesting if it weren’t for its ability to create more cells. If you think the “random” separations between cell cycle phases are about as tenuous to remember as the first 30 digits of Pi, then you probably haven’t seen a cell shake its booty to the Pink Flamingos in a Fritz Langesque vignette yet. (includes audio) For more information about cell cycle and mitosis, check out the following link. * * * (REPRINTED FROM ISSUE ONE, APRIL 25th,…