By desireejung

Desirée Desirée is a PhD student in the Comparative Literature department at UBC, and her main research interests are literary translation, Brazilian and Canadian history, as well as poetry and film. She’s a published poet in Canada and Brazil, and she’s also a translator, having recently translated the work of Canadian poet P. K. Page into Brazilian Portuguese. Outside the university, her main interest is hiking mountains and more mountains.


The umbrella is open but the rain is not ready to fall. It shies and waits, waits until is already late to come. Spring is near and I feel shy of the sun. I kneel down by a flower patch and the dry sidewalk feels cold against my hands. I keep thinking of bees, buds and umbrellas, all in one thought. Flower memories slap my face like a blast of winter storm. I scroll down the images and my brain is smitten by the possibility of love within thought. Images come, go and change me slowly like spring opening its…