By Genevieve Rocheleau

Genevieve Rocheleau is opposed to cuddling and is a 5th year Cell Biology and Genetics student at UBC Vancouver. Although she shys away from various forms of physical comfort, she does make time to work in Dr. Ninan Abraham's lab at the Life Sciences Institute; to volunteer as a Director of Events for UBC REC; and to cook relatively inedible meals.


Think of the last time you went swimming. It is summertime at the lake; the little fishes are nibbling your toes and your brother is leisurely floating next to you. The cool, fresh water, having descended from the untouched purity of the frozen Canadian mountain peaks, is your oasis from the summer heat. You are playfully splashing in the shallows, and maybe your brother challenges you to a game every kid knows, and every fretful parent fears: the who-can-hold-their-breath-the-longest. Ready? You both count down together; three, two, one, you take a deeeeep breath, and under you go. You decide to…