By Geoff I. Shay, IV.

Geoff I. Shay, IV is the editor of "The Periphery," the unofficial and unauthorized newsletter for the Syracuse University Department of Geography. He is currently working on a book tentatively titled "Universal Eloquence: the rhetoric of time at the speed of light." Additionally, he is interested in the place of fabrication in the production of knowledge communities.


(From the Periphery) Pending the results of an Environmental Review Board (ERB) hearing scheduled for next Tuesday, Dr. Susan Millar is scheduled to commence work on the long anticipated Glacier Restoration Project early this winter. “We’ve been working at this for a long time,” Millar said at a press conference in the James Library. “It feels like its coming to an end, but “It feels like its coming to an end, but we expect that it is just the beginning of a new epoch in glacial research, if not a new glacial epoch.” Dr. Millar and her team was awarded…