By giorgiatropini

Giorgia Tropini recently graduated from the University of British Columbia with BSc degree in Neuroscience, Genetics and Math. She is currently working at the Applied Biophysics Laboratory at UBC, where she studies the use of a novel 2-D electrophoresis technique to concentrate DNA from soil or very dilute solutions for metagenomics studies and medical applications. Besides Science, she is passionate about ballroom dancing, which she has recently started doing at a competitive level. Being true to her Italian roots, Giorgia also loves food and (of course) good wine.


A brief history What do Muhammad Ali, Michael J. Fox, Pierre Trudeau and Mao Tse Tung all have in common? They are, or have been, public faces of a debilitating disorder known as Parkinson’s disease (or “PD”). PD affects millions of people worldwide and is present in about 1% of the total global population, with an increase in prevalence (2-3%) in those above 50-70 years of age. It equally affects people from different ethnicities and socio-economic status, but it is more common in men than in women (Samii 2004) The first scientist to formally describe the disease was the British…