By grahamducker

Graham was an honours graduate of Laurentian University and spent many years as a Principal and Kindergarten Teacher in various Ontario schools. His book of memoirs, Don\'T Wake The Teacher!, received a rating of 9/10. In April 2006, he received first place standing in the International Lichen Epistolary Fiction Contest. Known as The Pragmatic Poet, he has had numerous poems and stories published around the world.


Tired of waiting for more attention, the cat stretched, walked across the still form and up onto the table. It sniffed the shiny cylinders the man had used, and then stepped onto the machine into which the man had been speaking. Its curiosity satisfied, the feline jumped to the ground, but in doing so, a paw depressed a lever causing the devise to click, whir, and click again. The instrument began talking. “I suppose it was bound to happen: insidiously, silently, and with perfunctory decisiveness. “For the record, my name is Malachi, Doctor Antonio Malachi, not that it will mean…