By Heather Gerrie

Heather (@heath_gerrie) is an east coast transplant living in Vancouver, BC. Currently working on her MSc in Neuroscience, Heather is an avid explorer of the brain, the outdoors, and sustainable living. She is always on the lookout for book and wine recommendations.

The Journey of Kale: Why What We Eat Matters

ORIGIN STORY: MY FRIDGE This afternoon I opened my fridge, pulled out the crisper drawer, and grabbed a bundle of kale to add to my lunch. With this seemingly routine activity, I noticed for the first time that my kale bore a label for “Joe Heger Farms”. Who is Joe Heger? A quick google search revealed that Joe Heger, his farm, and my kale’s birthplace were over 2,500 km south of the border in El Centro, California. Somehow, they had found their way to my table in Vancouver, British Columbia. The marvel of being an eater in twenty-first century North…