By jaredslobodan

Jared is wrapping up his Engineering Physics degree at UBC. He has spent much of his undergraduate years designing, building and testing an instrument for automating histochemical staining of tissue microarrays for cancer research at the BC Cancer Agency. He will most likely continue in this line of work (bio-technology development) at least for the next few years. Also: Jared has recently used his amazing charm to nab himself a very hot wife.


Introduction I have found that one of the difficulties in discussing religion is often a matter of semantics. Consequently, I would like to begin by providing the context for the following discussion. I am a Christian; and while I have made active efforts in understanding other faiths, I am not knowledgeable enough to give an all-inclusive treatise on Science and Religion. Instead, much of what follows will be relevant only within the framework of the Christian faith. Specifically, I would consider myself to be devout and active in my faith; I also believe that I am well versed in Christian…