By Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee is a Grade 12 student at Marc Garneau C.I.. He is currently suffering from Senioritis, a common disease found in high school students that are about to graduate. When he is not studying for a test or browsing GIFs on Tumblr, you can find him conducting Molecular Gastronomy experiments in the kitchen while struggling to sing Mariah Carey songs.


Many adults experience the same suffering, confusion, and joy that quantum physicists have every day. These are the parents of small children — they go through a hard time trying to understand the young, much like a physicist struggling to understand the tiny quantum mechanical systems. To start, you never know what children are thinking about. In those tiny brains, there could be the idea of pulling a naughty deed or the thought of entertaining a cute dance. Until you go and interact with them, you simply don’t know whether they will do one or the other. Children are therefore…