By Joyce Wong

Joyce is a second year Arts student who may be found observing and pondering, and sometimes writing. She enjoys the language and music of creativity, as well as many of its colours and flavours, including the bittersweet taste of art that raises awareness of our human fallaciousness.


1. Trees in the city (at winter) we are surrounded by pavement. shallow roots and bare branches. perhaps strung with christmas lights or strangled by these strings of lights? fragile / frail / awkward we stand in parking lots, by sidewalks – illusions that the city has not been taken over by concrete and pavement. birds avoid us as if we don’t belong. 2. Vending machines… and their opposites picture, for a moment, a vending machine. what does it see? when we participate in this exchange – money for goods, or not-so-goods. material profit, material waste. do you think we…