By Julia Gustavsen

Julia Gustavsen is graduate student in Earth and Ocean Sciences where she looks for viruses in the sea and ponders the meaning (and definition) of life. Hailing from the wilds and not-so-wilds of New Brunswick, she is excited to be living on the other side of Canada. When not writing bad poetry to add to her lofty canon, Julia can be found riding her bike, wide-eyed hiking, drinking beer and trying to sew.


A rap song – audio file here If the haze in my brain is smog what do you call the apathy of the cog inside the giant corporate shell. But truly I know this isn’t hell. So global warming may make us all blond, ironic the hockey stick will close my ponds And where did I put my CO2 sponge? Isn’t this a sponge-worthy monde? Now I listen to wisemen less to prophets out to spread amen but if this is apocalyptica maybe we should dig into our lexica find words to talk to those not in the choir. But…