By Kerrie Thornhill Wop Ho

Kerrie Thornhill Hop Wo grew up on Vancouver Island and graduated from UBC's International Relations program. She currently works as a Program Coordinator for Calgary Immigrant Women's Association, and plans to volunteer in West Africa over the summer before moving to Oxford to start her MPhil in Development Studies.


Two years later in an ergonomic chair I flew across the screen to gaze again at the blur where I had lived. Two eyes disunbelieving: the town, that time shown from above in all its complex clarity. Google Earth showed, and did not show, the road into town. The middle of nowhere is too symmetrical to be true. East Northeast of our peripheral vision, more like. Where impossible carts full of watermelons rolled uphill along the dry Volta. Where millet stalks, until swallowed by greedy granaries, hid the rotund huts.Google Earth showed, and did not show, the field where two…