By the Kerrisdale Elementary grade 6/7 class (February 2, 2009)

This piece was part of the Science Creative Literacy Symposia program, which provides fieldtrip opportunities combining science and creative writing.


This poem was composed as a collective where each student was allowed to write a single sentence. The ManBearPig and daffofil topics came up during the symposia session when experiments on molecular chemistry (with specific reference to things like DNA) were performed. – – – Grasping the flower gently, He is ½ man, ½ bear, ½ pig, with flowers, from Imagination Land! Walking down the isle with a beautiful white dress flowing behind her, the Manbearpig carries a large bouquet of daffodils. Manbearpig lives in a cruel world of injustice. Hairy, muddy, humany. That’s Manbearpig. Being a Manbearpig is very…