By Laryssa Halat

Laryssa Halat is currently undertaking a MSc. at the University of British Columbia and studies plant cell biology and molecular genetics. On the odd occasion she is not in the lab, Laryssa enjoys being a typical Vancouverite by doing yoga, going for hikes, and playing tennis by the beach.


It’s election time! Whether discussed in casual conversations or featured in heated arguments, the campaign trail is one that many have followed. The highly anticipated day when voters take to the polls will ultimately lead to huge changes on a number of fronts. The major parties have advertised their platforms on many occasions and statistics suggest leaders remain in a close race. With polls revealing no indication of a sure winner, the leaders are undoubtedly seeking to appeal to undecided voters. We now begin live coverage of tonight’s final debate in this year’s Cell-ection. – – – Moderator: The leaders…