By leetang

Lee Tang is a 4th year student in cell biology/genetics and would like to pursue a career in life sciences. However, he\'s a pretty open-minded guy (euphemism for indecisiveness); thus, don\'t be surprised to see him in a completely different field further down the line. His other interests include music (he plays the violin) and sports, specifically the games of basketball and football. Lee likes to think that he has that west coast laid back personality but without the surfer hair or beach body.


The SCQ is happy to partake in the Week of Science initiative, and will have only textbook pieces for this particular week. If you need a breather, please take a moment to peruse our humour section. That should work nicely – – – The environment is a hot topic these days, with most people being aware of problems pertaining to global warming, air pollution, and/or loss of biodiversity. However, there is another problem that has been under the radar for quite some time; that is the challenge of sustainable agriculture. Whilst, the world’s population has been increasing at a fast…