By lesliechin

Leslie Chin is a graduate student in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of British Columbia. When he is not \"doing science\" he enjoys ranting about America, reading about history, contemplating the success of Phil Collins, and listening to people complain about foamy soap. He has been told that he is a fast walker with a funny bounce in his step. He has a delicate relationship with a little bird named Stewie. To get in his good books, he has spent money on bright chew toys and learned to whistle like a bird. He hopes that all of this hard work will allow him to trick Stewie into wearing a top hat and harness, with the ultimate goal of world domination using a bird army. For more insight into Leslie, his likes and dislikes and a classy photo, visit:


If you’re anything like me you think Radiohead is the greatest band on the planet; that the Rolling Stones are important, but overrated; Natalie Portman is the greatest actress of her generation (and hot, even with short hair); the most disgusting noise is the noise of someone eating with their mouth open; and you read—a lot. But no fiction, only non-fiction. Not even James Frey non-fiction. A lot of it is news, some of it is commentary, and sometimes life experience. I read a lot about Intelligent Design (ID) these days. It’s not something that I’m particularly proud of, it’s…