By lindatran

Linda Tran graduated from McMaster University with a BSc. Then, grew a brain and decided to move to Vancouver to pursue graduate studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She would appreciate it if someone would create a cure for being a "lactard" - her own word for being lactose intolerant.


In 1973, the landmark and controversial court case Roe v. Wade came to a close when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a woman’s Constitutional right to privacy negated abortion legislation [1]. This court ruling enabled women to terminate pregnancies up to the point of fetal viability [2] (the point in fetal development at which a delivered baby can survive without interfering with the body of the mother [3]). In humans, fetal viability is considered to occur at 24 weeks of gestation [4]. In a related case, Doe v. Bolton, the US Supreme Court supported abortion rights after the point…