By Mike Grace

Mike Grace spends much time sitting in a black swivel with his cat, Artemis, devising world domination-strategies. Bubble baths, curries and meteor showers are important elements in the latest scheme, although Artemis feels that the rôle of clotted cream has been sadly overlooked.


Scientists have been homing in on the genes that define our sense of humour. In a follow-up to the research which brought us British Humour Linked to Genetics, the latest report claims they have come up with some “funny results”. It does not specify whether said results are funny ha-ha or funny peculiar. Humanity has over 20,500 genes, which the official gene naming board (HUGO) has been working hard to differentiate based not only on their strains of humour but also according to country of prevalence and associated effects. Brit wit The original humour-gene research, conducted by Dr Rod Martin,…