By Nathan Waddell

Nathan Waddell feels like an impostor amongst the real scientists at The Science Creative Quarterly since he only has a BSc, which he just barely earned from the University of Alberta. He majored in geology but his minor was in English so his science street cred is limited. However, he operates robot-like machines bigger than dinosaurs for a living so he doesn't really miss academia.


What Terry was supposed to be doing was researching the anti-bacterial properties of squid eggs. That’s what his master’s thesis was about, and it was also the reason he had received a $25,000 grant from the Teuthis Foundation. But Terry had a side project. He was running the Circus Minimus in his little lab in the BioSci Building at the University of British Columbia. His lab was stuffed with vats full of squid in various stages of their life cycles. Eggs, larvae, and egg-laying adults. Mostly of the California squid, Loligo opalescens, but a couple of other species as well.…