By nickmoran

Nick Moran is a sophomore at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. He is a Computer Science major and takes an interest in the Evolution/Intelligent Design debate in his spare time. He is also a ninja.


(Evidence for FSM) To begin, let us look at the forms of life we can see on this planet. They all exhibit a certain degree of complexity, which is not found in non-living matter. A dog is much more complex than a rock. To express this, we can use the concept of Kolmogorov complexity. Living things possess high Kolmogorov complexity, because their DNA is decidedly uncompressible. As an example, consider the string of bits 10101010. This string has very low Kolmogorov complexity, because it can be compressed to ‘write 10 four times’. On the other hand, the string 0100101, is…