By paullam

Paul just got his BSc at UBC and he`s back for more school. This city boy was born in Edmonton and raised in Vancouver, but he can`t take heat nor the cold, and definitely not the rain. He can, however, take alcohol. He works hard in building up his tolerance level, and is in pursuit of becoming a wine connoisseur.


Most of our lives are spent obtaining food, preparing food, cooking food, and taking the time to savor food. Food is colourful, flavorful and simply delightful. The only drawback is wondering what our next meal is going to be. A simple solution for most working class people in the world: eating out. With such an abundance of neighborhood fast-food restaurants or take-out place at competing prices, eating out has become the latest trend in filling the stomach of many. In fact, the idea of purchasing pre-cooked meals has become such a widely accessible concept that people choose this alternative over…