By randineff

Randi Neff is a high school biology teacher in North Carolina who hopes to moonlight as a writer someday. Currently a neophyte in the publishing realm, she possess a deep love of the great outdoors, science fiction and learning in general. She has several degrees which entitle her to geekdom and hopes to eventually become google worthy. Her website is currently in disrepair due to Orwellian public school filtering software, but email conversation ( is welcome.


Q: So, Great Hemlock, you have been in this forest for a while, tell me what it was like back when you were a seedling. A: Ooh, that was 300 years ago, let me think. I remember looking up to see if I could locate my parents. There were many trees that shaded me from the sun, but none that I recognized. Now that I am older and have seedlings of my own, I know that when they are ready, hemlock seeds fly away on the wind and parents never know what becomes of their offspring. I think it is…