By ronaldchiu

Ronald Chiu is a recent Biology graduate from UBC. Currently, he is studying at BCIT to become a medical laboratory technologist., although he is also interested in many different areas of science, from astronomy and physics, to neurobiology and genetics. During his 4 years at UBC, he especially enjoyed Dr. Cal Roskelley from ANAT 391 and Dr. Matt Ramer from BIOL 458 because they both had a great sense of humour.


Most people exhibit hand preference for their daily activities and object manipulations, but it has long been a mystery to scientists as to how and why human handedness exists. Studies from different areas of science, including neurobiology, psychology, developmental biology, anthropology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and other fields, have all come together to try and solve the puzzle behind human handedness. Yet, there is not a single model that is sufficient to provide an universally accepted explanation. Interestingly enough, human handedness has been reported to exist since the Upper Palaeolithic, for more than 10,000 years; however, the proportion of left-handers in…