By rosysun

Rosy is currently counting the days until she finishes her bachelor`s degree in Biology at the University of British Columbia. She hopes to continue to nerd it up by pursuing a physical therapy degree. When she is not hermitting in the libraries, she can be found working up a sweat in her spin class, attempting to play tennis, catching up with friends over coffee or wasting time on Facebook.


As more and more organic foods are appearing on the shelves of our grocery stores and are gaining publicity in mass media, one cannot help but wonder what the big deal is with the presence of the little green “organic” sticker. The word being passed around is that organic foods are “healthier” and “safer” for the consumer than foods produced by conventional farming. And the fear of consuming pesticides, in particular, is a catalyst in the trend towards choosing organic foods. However, there is limited scientific evidence to support the perception that organic foods are safer and more nutritious to…