By scottstoddard

Scott Stoddard holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. While raising a family in Buffalo, NY, he attempts to make the sum of all forces on his life equal zero. This is, much to his professional chagrin, never the case, as is emphasized on a daily basis by the antics of his three young sons. Scott's first attempts at actual, communicative, writing originated from a growing concern over the state of science & mathematics education in the United States.


(Evidence for FSM) I just celebrated my one year anniversary with my current employer. Actually, I completely forgot, but they did not. I received a very nice, but God awful useless, sterling silver key chain with the company logo. It’s nice to be appreciated. It also got me thinking. If everything on earth is God’s handiwork, then he really is the worst kind of micromanager. I don’t want to believe that. Let’s assume that God exists. Can’t prove it. Can’t disprove it. Doesn’t hurt to think that there is an all powerful deity with a corner office somewhere out there…