By Steven J. Frank

Steven J. Frank is a Boston lawyer who struggles not to write like one. His work includes short stories, the novels The Uncertainty Principle and The Sell-Out, and the not-as-dreadful-as-it-sounds handbook Intellectual Property for Managers and Investors. Direct praise or disgust to


—And today we are pleased to welcome the notorious “atheist creationist.” Thank you for joining us, Dr. Kranish. —Your sobriquet is only half right, but I accept it. It got me on your show. I’m making a fortune. —Why, Dr. Kranish, you sound positively cynical. “When you’re dead, you’re dead,” declares Stanley Kranish, disgraced engineering professor and charcoal chef extraordinaire. His son David watches dutifully. Wielding his long spatula like a baton, Kranish slices through the heat ripples over two hissing steaks and one mute veggie burger, and prepares to utter his key insight. “Like a rock,” he and David…