By thomastu

Thomas Tu is an honours student in Hepatitis B lab at The University of Adelaide, South Australia. He is also a long-term member of the Adelaide University Science Club. He believes that nothing is sexier than science, except maybe an attractive woman talking passionately about science. He is very much not in Canada.


Genus Papillomaviridae Species Human Papillomavirus Spurting viruses from your crotch I’ll start by saying warts irk me out. Perhaps not as much as jellyfish, but they’re up there. It really sucked researching and looking up pictures for this topic; I hope you all appreciate it. In fact, appreciate it even more that I didn’t include any pictures of any warts in this article. Nevertheless, science is not about personal preference or being irked out; it’s about the truth, even if it makes you mildly nauseated. You must accept it warts and all, one might say. Not me though, I would…