By tobyleonard

Rev. St. Tobias Leonard holds numerous degrees and certifications in the fields of: education, science, medicine, and religion. His accolades include an undergraduate degree in Biology (emphasis Microbiology with minors in Chemistry and Physics), Distinguished Honor Graduate in Surgical Technology, Graduate Degrees of Masters of Motivation, Masters of Science, Biology (specifically Biophysics), Masters of Science, Experential Education, and Ph.D in Religious Studies. He was awarded the trophy for top shooter on the rifle team of his military high school. Publications include articles in international science and medical magazines. He is a contributing editor on the website and is constantly adding new material there. The Universal Life Church has awarded him their highest honor by canonizing him and granting him


(Evidence for FSM) There is irrevocable proof that the flying spaghetti monster created the world. Some people point to selective fossil evidence and then use fuzzy interpolation to explain gaps in the fossil record, some use fictitious supreme beings, and others claim some intelligent designer had created everything. I have factual proof that on every continent all that was created was touched by his noodly appendage. Others point to esoteric folklore to explain “their god” but the FSM has touched every continent and every culture leaving its mark with its noodly appendage. To clarify this overwhelming preponderance of evidence I…